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    Student Auto Insurance

    To start with, there are many various factors which influence on student auto insurance price. You should take into account all factors to be able to found the best and the most affordable one. Average student car insurance costs about five or six thousands a year, but there are some cases when the price is increasing up to ten or even more thousands of dollars per year car insurance coverage. The main pricing factors are:

    • Age of a driver
    • Driving record
    • Model of your car
    • City and state you are living in

    As it was mentioned above, the premiums differ, and there are some special ways to spare your budget choosing the reliable and affordable car insurance service for students.

    Student Auto Insurance Discounts

    You also may receive special discount for car insurance services. You should ask for your car insurance discount if:

    • Your car is equipped with the modern equipment which provides driver's and car's safety (air bags, anti- hijacking system, alarm system, etc).
    • Another factor you should pay your attention at is the age of your car. The older your car - the cheaper is insurance. What's more, if your car is not a sport one and is made of ordinary materials, not fiberglass or so, your insurance premiums would be lower.
    • If your car costs less than three thousands, ask your insurance agent to remove collision insurance from your insurance coverage.
    • Remember, if you are diligent and hard-working student, and you receive only excellent marks, ask for additional discount. As a rule, universities pay for their best students' car insurances.
    • Don't forget to tell your car insurance agent about passed safety course for drivers. If you are visiting some courses for drivers in your university inform your insurance agent as well.
    • One more way to get a car insurance discount is your flawless credit history. Your car insurance provider thinks that if your credit history is good enough than you are not risky driver. So, the better your credit history - the more chances you will get your car insurance discount. On another hand, if your credit history is unsatisfied than be ready to pay more than ordinary driver.
    • Some car insurance providers that offer car insurance services for students may offer you additional discount if you are a member or an alumni of some student organizations, for instance National Honor Society. Moreover, AAA members should ask American Insurance Group providers for special car insurance discount.

    What Else to Remember Concerning Auto Insurance Services for Students?

    First of all, the best way for you to save your money is to stay on your mother's or father's car insurance. That means you should drive only their cars. If you are eager to open your own car insurance policy, be ready to pay sufficient some of money for your insurance coverage. The fact is that students are supposed to be the most inexperienced and risky drivers. To be more detailed, if you stay on your mother's or father's car insurance sharing with them one car, you will get a chance to spare your family budget. One more fact you should take into consideration is limits of your car insurance coverage. If you want to save your money and make premiums minimal - low down your liability insurance more than twice. It's important to follow traffic rules strictly. Different fines and traffic tickets are unacceptable. If you want pay for your car insurance as less as possible try not to break rules. Of course, it's mostly impossible for students to drive as slow as advised, but it is the only way not to pay high premiums. To add, mostly every student has part-time job. If you usually get to your job by your car, don't forget to tell about it to your car insurance agent. You will save a great sum of money if your job is near to your house and you are going to use your ensured car only to get to your job and come back home. After all, there are some other factors which may influence on a price or coverage level. If you think you are not familiar with all that staff, take somebody adult to speak with your car insurance agent.

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