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    Military Auto Insurance

    Member of the United States armed forces are usually offered with additional car insurance discounts. Such discounts for military servicemen are not extended to the rest of citizens. If you are serving in the US army you are able to spare significant sum of money paying less for your car insurance. Moreover, if you are going to serve in imminent danger area you should ask your insurance agent for special military auto insurance discount.

    How to Get Military Auto Insurance Discount?

    As it was already mentioned, not everyone could get special military auto insurance discounts. Some car insurance providers offer such kind of discounts if their client:

    • is serving in the Army of the United States;
    • is serving in the US National Guard;
    • is reserved servicemen;
    • is already retired military servicemen;
    • is helpmate (husband, wife) or a child of person who is servicemen of the US Army
    • is person in training to become an officer

    Mostly every car insurance provider asks their customers, who receives military discount, to confirm their status every month or several months. So if you are ordered to serve abroad for a long period of time, consult with your insurance agent to avoid misunderstandings about military discount.

    What Else You Should Know About Military Auto Insurance Discounts?

    Some servicemen leave their insured vehicles staying in garages while serving in another country, for instance. Usually they ask their insurance provider to annul car insurance. The main problem is that when military men returns home, goes to insurance provider office, tries to renew his car insurance with discounts he is asked to pay more than before. Today The United States Association of Insurance Agents requires all car insurance providers to modify their policies concerning returning servicemen. As a result most of insurance providers don't make any penalties for people who serve in the US Army abroad. Unfortunately, in some states car insurance providers are increasing their rates for serving people; in such cases the best way for you not to pay more is to stay your vehicle inside your garage all the period of your military mission. Car insurance providers offer their customers special plans when customer's vehicles are ensured staying in garages in abeyance. Such car insurance plans are the cheapest and all information you may be asked to provide is your address and an address of your car storing garage. As a result you may be sure your car is being protected within all period you are serving.

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