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    Antique Auto Insurance

    Antique auto insurance is a must when you are driving antique cars, or when it is just there resting gracefully in your superb, safe, and reliable garage. When you have these magnificent cars in your trustworthy carports, you still need antique car insurance for double and full protection. Do not be contented with just having a dependable and secured carport with all those safe and sound alarm systems. It is not a full guarantee that your precious, valuable and prized “baby” will not be harmed. The bottom line is, secure yourself with antique auto insurance to be sure that the whole shebang will be fully protected, shielded, and safeguarded. Antique cars comprise the following brands, types and carriage which are being dated back to the time of its launching and manufacturing sometime in the 1900’s to 1945: Buick, Cadillac, Checker, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Desoto, Dodge, Ford, Hudson, Lincoln, Mercury, Nash, Oldsmobile, Packard, Plymouth, Pontiac, Studebaker, Whippet, and Willys.

    Policy requirements

    To be able to acquire a good antique car insurance quotation, you need to know the following:

    • All drivers should be between age 21 and 70.
    • All drivers full drivers’ license for at least 3 years.
    • All drivers must be claim free within the 12 months, and obtain no more than one claim in the last 3 years (wind breaker claims can be overlooked and neglected).
    • All of the drivers have no criminal records except two minor offenses in the last 3 years.
    • No drivers are engaged in any of the following professions:
      • Entertainment
      • TV or radio reporter
      • Professional sportsman/woman
      • Celebrity
      • Professional gambler
      • Salesperson
      • Merchandiser/dealer
      • Offshore oil worker
      • Airside worker
      • Foreign Armed Force member
      • Courier/ delivery driver
      • Debt collector
      • Money lender
      • Unemployed

    Regulations and restrictions

    Antique car liability coverage is accessible through regular car insurance underwriters. Insurance companies, brokers and underwriters give modified insurance coverage to antique car possessors. An antique automobile’s liability coverage in Texas cannot go beyond lowest limited amounts, in contrast to premium price for liability coverage of $100,000 per individual per accident or $300,000 per accident. These ranges show lowest liability coverage needed in Texas. Various regular and exclusive insurance underwriters offer antique automobile collectors quotes online. Collectors must provide needed information on the car’s actual current value, location, storage set-up, body structure whether standard or modified, total mileage added per year, and whether another underwriter provides collector-antique-automobile insurance. The perfect way to know the value of the antique car is to get a copy of the bill of sale. As for the case of an inherited automobile, secure a quote of substitute price from a licensed antique-car appraiser. Several states categorize automobiles advancing 25 years or older as “antiques”. The Aston martin DB2 was manufactured in 1950 as a substitute for the preceding Aston Martin 2-Litre Sports car. It characterized a bigger, double-above cam straight 6 engine, and was initially styled as an enclosed sports racing car. In 1953, a convertible style of this antique car had also been launched as well as engine alternative which supplied for supplemental horsepower. Although, the DB2 was only been in manufacture for 3 years, it functioned as a core model for many other succeeding Aston Martin automobiles which demonstrated to be extremely famous both on the racecourse and as a road vehicle. Like for instance, you bought an original 1960 Ford dynamo for $20,000 or more in 2009. Taking into account the automobile’s original price of (let’s say for example) $550, the car has appreciated considerably through the years.

    Your regularly-use vehicle is insured by a national underwriter. The lowest coverage limit for your classic automobile varies from the other cars. Texas needs only $25,000 for physical injuries of one person, $50,000 for physical injuries per accident, and $25,000 in property destruction liability for your regularly-use car. The policy for your regularly-use car per year only costs $500. You will be shocked to obtain a quote of more than three times this sum for your “antique” car. You have provided information to the agent that the antique automobile will be sheltered in a more weather controlled carport, and that no more than 1,000 miles will be supplemented to the automobile per year. Your underwriter agent rationalizes that any future claims in opposition to the exact value policy will be based on the actual car’s depreciated price. This assertion would greatly involve you and your further claims. So you have to be certain that proper and exact information will be supplied for the proper quotation and processing of your antique car insurance policy and add-on modification to ensure less trouble when it comes to future antique car insurance claim. Your antique automobile has increased in value over the years. If stored in great condition, your antique car may persist to appreciate in the future.

    Stated-value, agreed value, specialty-collector car insurances

    Stated-value or agreed-value policies would be a better prospect in choosing the best policy. This type of policy, the insured gives a stated value like the actual purchase cost of the antique vehicle. An agreed-value policy would be a perfect policy option for antique car collectors. In the event of the car’s complete damage, the insured may amass the full coverage sum of the antique auto insurance. Specialty collector-car insurance programs provide lower premiums and more quality, beneficial and advantageous services, in agreement to The Horseless Carriage Club of America. Several collector schemes give quality services, like for instance: substitution of spare parts of up to $750 a year, at no further cost. Quotations are not assurances of coverage. Antique car collectors must supply all the necessary requirements needed to obtain actual antique car insurance costs for minimum liability coverage. The following are the items that can be insured usually 19 years of age and older, such as: convertibles, coupes, retractables, station wagon, antique motorcycles, woodies, corvettes, sedans, steam automobiles, horseless carriages, light trucks, farm tractors, antique delivery trucks, military vehicles, and others. Antique auto insurance is a must to ensure total damage and liability protection for a less stressful driving and full ownership of your antique cars.

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