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    Auto Insurance For Teens

    Nowadays a lot of people perish in the car accidents. In most cases car crashes happen when teenager driving the car. Every year great amount of young drivers takes part in almost three million accidents. In some states, before receiving a license everybody under 18 has permit for one year and cant drive without anybody. From state to state the age limit for a learner's permit varies very mach. In some states it about nearly 15 years..

    Safe Teen Driving Tips

    It's clear that parents are very anxious about their children drivers. Sometimes there are a lot of troubles between teenagers and their parents. They consider that understanding between them is unreal. But when it touches driving the best way to avoid terrible consequences is a good communication. Companies that sell auto insurance for teenagers convince teenagers and their parents to talk frankly about the driving rules. The talk about the danger of teenager's auto crashes can save their lives. Statistics proves that there is essential difference between the parents who take a serious interest in their children driving habits or not. Some companies which sell auto insurance look at young drivers with disapproval. In some cases discounts are available because they help to reduce charges. Auto insurance payments will be more expensive when it is more dangerous. We can even say that this is the leading principle when you get auto insurance for teens. First of all the causes of accidents must be find out and parents should explain teens need of safe driving. Majority of insurance companies which deal with auto insurance have brochures about safe driving and videos for both parents and teenagers. The communication between parents and teenagers about auto safety should be constant and young drivers must understand the necessity of careful driving especially when they are beginners. This talk may be inconvenient at the beginning but it costs that. . Taking drivers lessons is necessary but teenager's parents are still responsible for their children. One more reason to worry is that parents understand that they can't control their children. When teen gets license it seems to him that he is independent. Very often teenagers don't understand the whole responsibility. In this case the best way is to sign a driving contract in which all rules and consequences for breaking them are described.

    Things Parents Can Do

    Auto insurance companies wait that parents will pay attention to some necessary points:

    • What kind of a car is more preferable? It must be easy to drive and has all necessary attributes: airbags and a good safety rating.
    • Regular maintenance requirements must be kept: car care, putting gas into the car, oil changes, tire pressure.
    • Car should be always clear.
    • Payment for insurance. Teenager's car accidents appear every day. Some parents find the way how to reduce them. When teens pay the insurance costs themselves (their own money) they avoid rash actions. Thousands of dollars per year are spent and every year the necessity teen car insurance increases.

    The Teen Driving Contract

    The contract should contain following requirements:

    • Keep speed limit and transport law.
    • Always use seat belts even when you are a passenger and make all passengers fasten them up.
    • Parents should notice the use of alcohol or drug because it is one of the most widespread causes of death in car accidents. Due to contract teenagers can't use alcohol while driving, keep alcoholic drink in the car and be in the same car with the person who used alcohol or drugs. Convince your children that you can get them and they will get rid of troubles,
    • From 1 to 12 months teenagers shouldn't be allowed to drive alone. Adult person must be present in the car. Also they can't drive only with friends or younger children during the first year after getting driving license. These rules can be observed in many states. Distractions have great influence on teens drivers because they want to communicate and be distracted while driving. Your life costs more.
    • First year drivers must inform their parents about the place they are going and the time they want to return.

    Supplementary Risks

    It's very insecure for new drivers to drive at night because the majority of the car accidents take place at night. You must install time for child to return home. But explain him that when you are in a hurry and want to be at home at earliest convenience you must be careful on the road. They may call you and inform that they should be late. Make your child understand that bad driving could lead to the loss of driving privilege. Auto insurance companies believe that parents make their children understand responsibility for their actions and be careful driver.

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